Keiter Plants

(Dubois, Pennsylvania)
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Black Krim Tomato Seeds
($1.99 )

60 Certified Naturally Grown Black Krim Tomato Seeds

Brahmi Tincture
($11.97 )

Brahmi tincture 2 fluid ounces 45% alcohol. Certified Naturally Grown herbs.

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Organic Ashwagandha 100 Seeds
($2.07 )

Organically Grown Certified Naturally Grown 100 Ashwagandha Seeds Withania somnifera

Organic Elecampane Seeds
($1.99 )

100 Organically Grown Elecampane seeds Inula helenium

Organic Tulsi Rama Seeds
($2.09 )

100 Organically Grown Certified Naturally Grown Tulsi Rama Seeds

Toothache Plant 100 Organic Seeds
($1.99 )

100 Certified Naturally Grown Acmella oleracea Seeds

Viper's Bugloss Seeds
(From: $2.01 )

Viper's Bugloss Seeds - Echium vulgare - Wild Grown

Organically Grown and Certified Naturally Grown Seeds and Plants

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