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Hawaii's Big Island Fruit Poster
(From: $27.00 )

A new version of Hawaii's Big Island Tropical and nut Fruit Poster!

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Avocado Poster
($25.00 )

Avocados from Hawaii are the best! This poster shows just a few!

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Jackfruit Jerky
($5.50 )

Jackfruit is the worlds largest tree fruit and loved in many parts of the world for it's sweet unique flavor

Mango Poster
($25.00 )

Our new poster of Mangos from Hawaii shows 55 different varieties.

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Exotic Tropical Fruit Jam and Jelly
(From: $6.00 )

A wide variety of Exotic Tropical Fruit Jam and Jelly

Fig Poster
(From: $25.00 )

New Poster of 126 fig varieties with numeric guide to the different names.

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Big Island Citrus Poster
($25.00 )

Two years in the making, this poster represents some of the best citrus found on earth!

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Fig Jams & Stewed Figs
(From: $6.00 )

Fig Jam made from a dozen different varieties of figs I love it on ice cream!

Jaboticaba Syrup
(From: $7.00 )

Jaboticaba Syrup

Jaboticaba in Light Syrup
($6.00 )

Sometimes known as the Brazil grape tree, The Jaboticaba is very slow growing.

Lilikoi Syrup
($15.00 )

Our Lilikoi Syrup can be used on ice cream, pancakes or anything you like!

Big Island Banana Poster
(From: $25.00 )

20 x 24 inch poster of 50 bananas found on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Exotic Tropical Fruit \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nposters, seasonal chef guides, jelly, chutney, jam, syrup and hot sauces.

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