Red Rosa Farm

(Spencer, Indiana)
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Lemon Cucumber Seeds
($2.50 )

The unique lemon cucumber ~ delightful flavor, easy to grow!

Lemon Squash Seeds
($2.50 )

Beautiful and delicious, Lemon Squash should be a regular in your summer garden!

Picotee Morning Glory Seeds
($3.50 )

A rare heirloom Morning Glory, the Picotee Blue and/or Red will make a lovely splash of color in your landscape!

Red Maple tree seeds
(From: $3.50 )

Red Maples are the epitome of brilliant fall foliage.

Tree seeds: variety assortments
(From: $10.00 )

The economical way to plant a variety of trees around your home, or to re-forest a larger area!

All-Heirloom Eggplant Collection
(From: $2.50 )

Nutritious, versatile eggplant! Grow some for your own signature dish!

Zapotec Tomato Seeds
($2.50 )

An ancient New World tomato that is becoming hard to find ~ Zapotec is a unique and wonderful variety.

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Herb Garden Collection
(From: $2.50 )

In an outside kitchen garden, or in a window garden, keep your favorite herbs going all year long!

All Heirloom Rainbow of Radishes Collection
(From: $2.50 )

Radishes in full-spectrum color ~ fast, easy, and highly nutritious!

American Native Pecan Tree Seeds
(From: $4.50 )

Grow your own delicious pecans, while helping to preserve the wild native pecan tree!

Heirloom Popcorn Seed Collection
(From: $2.75 )

Popcorn is easy to grow, and great fun for the whole family!

Rare Heirloom Tomato Seed Collection
(From: $2.95 )

Support genetic diversity by growing some of these rare and wonderful tomatoes!

Red Rosa Farm -- Alpaca yarns and fiber, gourmet eggs, wild-harvested mushrooms, garlic, and many fine heirloom seeds!

On an idyllic Indiana ridgetop surrounded by forest, Cathy and Kenny tend gardens, flocks of heritage-breed chickens and ducks, quail and guineas, and a herd of over 100 gentle alpacas -- intelligent camelids originally from the Andes regions of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

Our colorful herd grazes on naturally-tended pastures and our own chemical-free hay. Each Spring, the alpacas reward us with a luxuriant shearing of one of the world's most treasured fibers. Mr. Kenny (a/k/a "the Alpaca Whisperer") gently hand shears our entire herd without restraint.

Alpaca is extremely soft, light, and lustrous -- yet warmer and more durable than sheep's wool. We have our fleece spun into yarn at a small spinning mill, and offer both yarns and carded fleece for all your fiber artistry needs. We invite you to discover the luxury of alpaca!

The heritage-breed ducks and chickens are an increasingly important part of our farming. We are committed to promoting these rare breeds, and offer hatching eggs for others to raise these beautiful birds including Magpie and Cayuga ducks, and purebred Black Ameraucana chickens. We are a no-kill farm where our feathered friends can live out their natural lives in free-range comfort.

In the Spring and Summer, we wild-harvest morel and chanterelle mushrooms. And in the Fall, we are now offering the maturing fruits of our tree plantings over the past years: heartnuts, persimmons (some wild, some cultivated), and the fabulous pawpaw, a luscious fruit some call the Indiana banana.

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