Eichten's Hidden Acres

(Center City, Minnesota)
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Tomato Basil Gouda Cheese
(From: $8.29 )

Our number one seller!!! Our All Natural Dutch Gouda flavored with tomato basil seasonings.

Bison Mettwurst (Ring Bologna)
($14.25 )

Try our mettwurst (Ring Bologna), made with the best naturally grown Minnesota Buffalo.

Gouda Cheese Spreads
($6.49 )

8 oz. Cup of our Famous Dutch Gouda put into a spread. Perfect on cracker, vegtables, toast, potatoes, dips or cheese ball.

Healthy Heart Cheese and Sausage Gift Box
($75.99 )

A healthy selection of cheeses, summer sausage and bison jerky.

Free Shipping

Hot & Spicy Cheese Snack Gift Box
($67.99 )

A favorite selection of zesty flavors, including cheeses and bison jerky and sausage sticks.

Free Shipping

Mary's Variety Gift Box
($76.50 )

A combination especialtyy chosen by Mom! Includes 3 kinds of Gouda cheese, Bison sausage, and gourmet mustards.

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Smoked Gouda - 8 oz Wedge
($8.29 )

Our Gouda falvorered with an all natural liquid smoke.

Elite Cheese & Bison Collection
($160.00 )

Eichten's Favorite portions for everyone. Enjoy taste from our Artisean cheeses to our American Bison products.

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Parmesan - Skim Milk
($8.99 )

Made with skim cow's milk on our farm in Minnesota, creamy white hard cheese.

Peppercorn Garlic Gouda Cheese, 8 oz Wedge
($8.29 )

Our specialty Gouda flavorered with peppercorn garlic seasonings.

We specialize in Dutch Gouda, from our Tomato Basil to our Hot Chipolte, Tilsit (mom's recipe), Gourmet Gouda Spread and our American Bison products, from Sausages, Jerky, Steaks and Roasts.

Our goal has always been to produce the finest, all natural, specialty products available. We are committed to provide products that are unique and exceed your expectations.

All of cheese is made on our farm from fresh cow's milk. We add no coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives (our milk contains no growth hormones.)

All of our bison is fed on our naturally grown, pesticide-free native grasses, corn and oats. Our herd is raised without growth hormones. Bison has the benefits of low fat, less calories and cholesterol. Also hight in vitamins, minerals and protein.

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