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Radish Philadelphia White Box
( $2.50 )

We totally sell out of this radish every week at our Philly farmers market. local seed, local produce and local eater. Nix besser.

Radish White Icicle
( $2.50 )

A white carrot shaped radish that dates back to around 1896. Slow to bolt and slow to bit.

Ramps - Wild Leeks Seed (Allium tricoccum)
( From: $10.00 )

Ramps (Allium tricoccum) Native to N. America this pungent spring tonic is becoming much sought after by foodies and top chefs.

tomato seed - fablonelystynj
( $2.50 )

fablonelystynj - Tiny yellow beefsteaks ( .5") that are as full of flavor as there name is hard to say. Awesome plant.

Tomato Seed - Jaune Flammee
( $2.50 )

What color!!! Orange outside and red inside. This determinate heirloom is a small fruited beautifully with great favor.

Tomato Seed - Marmande
( $2.50 )

Marmande is a beautiful large fruited tomato with slight pleats.

Tomato Seed - Yellow Pear
( $2.50 )

Did someone say prolific? Yellow pear shaped cherry tomato that likes to run with the big boys.

Tomato Seeds - Amish Paste
( $2.50 )

Amish paste is the only paste tomato you need to grow. This plant is prolific.

tomato seeds - Fablonelystynj
( $2.50 )

You will not believe your eyes, tiny 1/2" to 1" fruits that look like baby yellow Brandywine tomatoes.

Tomato Seeds - Plate de Haiti
( $3.00 )

A very rare, very old heirloom that we just love. Mid 1500's producing tons of meaty mild fruit.

Tomato Seeds - Small Pink Plum
( $2.50 )

Every year we trial about 30 new tomatoes, only about 5 make the cut and become plants we cultivate, this was # 1 of the 5

Tomato Seeds - Yellow Riesentraube
( $3.00 )

Everyone is growing the red Riesentraube, but the yellow is very hard to find. Well here ya go. Enjoy.

Happy Cat Farm is a Chester County PA based sustainable farm. Connecting people to sustainable food system, is our mission. We sell the highest quality seeds, plants and produce and are hoping to add a line of condiments in the near future.

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