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(Delmar, Delaware)
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Tansy Seed
($2.50 )

Tansy is a wonderful perennial that also repels ants and flies from your house! Fresh and dried flowers, culinary and medicinal.

Oriental Red Poppy Seed
($2.50 )

Gorgeous, orange-red, huge poppy like the ones in Georgia O'Keefe's painting. This perennial blooms in May.

Sweet William Flower Seed
($2.50 )

This colorful, long blooming flower has a sweet scent. It is a bi-annual in shades of white, red & pink - long lasting cut flower.

White French Lilac Plants
($22.00 )

These are 12 inch rooted plants from our farm planting . The fragrance is delicious and they are edible

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Fresh Blackberries
($5.50 )

Freshly picked Blackberries grown at our gardens. Large, great flavor, fresh pints or quarts. $5.50/pint fresh or frozen .

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Fresh Figs - one pint
($6.00 )

Sweet fresh figs from our farm. Available late August- mid Sept . They are very good for intestinal health and baking or desserts

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Golden Grain Amaranth
($4.00 )

Beautiful nutritious grain from the Aztec that you can grow in containers or your garden. Grows up to 8 ft tall, easy to grow.

Gooseberry Fruit - Pints
($8.00 )

These sweet, tart native berries are a rarity. Available local pick up in June.Good jelly, fresh,sauces,. available frozen local.

Local Pickup Only

We offer gifts from our garden to share the bounty of over 40 years of gardening. Sales of our products helps us restore the land and educate others. We are Certified Naturally Grown and are also biodynamic gardeners. EVERYTHING on the store is grown here. Our gardens are worked with a tiller and by hand. We have used organic practices long before there was even a national or local organization as we feel that consumers need to connect to the land as well as the growers of their foods. I NEVER use any chemicals or commercial animal manures in our gardens. We feed our animals, organic GMO free foods. I sell produce, herbs ,flowers and plants by appointment . I also offer educational tours and classes.

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