Sharon's Natural Gardens

(Delmar, Delaware)
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Dried Pears
($18.00 )

3 bags 2 oz each of pears from our gardens. Each bag was a pound of pears. Good flavor & fiber for snacking or baking - pure.

Elderberry Tincture
($18.00 )

I grow these in our garden and hand harvest the flowers and berries. I use the method taught by Susan Weed to make my tinctures.

Golden Grain Amaranth
($4.00 )

Beautiful nutritious grain from the Aztec that you can grow in containers or your garden. Grows up to 8 ft tall, easy to grow.

Green striped zebra tomato seed
($3.00 )

These are a tasty and unique tomato that you can count on for producing many perfect fruits. It is red with green stripes.

Mulberry Root Basket
($70.00 )

This is my latest basket woven during a basket class . It has orange mulberry root, dyed pink reed with elderberries & wild vines

Purple Perilla Seed
($3.00 )

This self sowing plant is used in Japanese cuisine and is a beautiful addition to the garden. It is used to pickle and in noodles.

Wild Basket - Large 16x20
($65.00 )

This brown basket is 16x20 inches and shallow so would be nice for collecting flowers or displaying fruits, breads or veggies.

Wild Basket - Sage's Mane
($55.00 )

This is my latest basket woven with the brushings from Sage's mane with sea grass. Sage is one of my white horses.

Wild Basket -pink and green
($65.00 )

This wild basket has reed dyed with our elderberries as well as horsetail and wild grasses. Medium sized basket 10" tall,14X11.

Wilde Dagga Flowers
($10.00 )

These flowers are used medicinally as a tea. They are an herb from Africa.

Fresh Stinging Nettles
($55.00 )

Fresh sprigs of stinging Nettle, biodynamically grown in our gardens. Shipped Mondays - April only .shipped insured- express

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Elephant garlic cloves
($12.00 )

Elephant garlic is actually in the leek family and is flavored like a mild garlic,easy to grow, can be planted spring or fall .

We offer gifts from our garden to share the bounty of over 40 years of gardening. Sales of our products helps me restore the land and educate others. I am Certified Naturally Grown and a biodynamic gardener. EVERYTHING on the store is grown here. We make our own compost with our horses manure and have never used commercial chicken manures or any chemicals on our farm. We began the garden in 78. Our gardens are worked with a tiller and by hand. We have used organic practices long before there was even a national or local organization as I feel that consumers need to connect to the land as well as the growers of their foods. We feed our animals, organic, GMO free foods. I sell produce, herbs, flowers, seed or plants by appointment. I also offer educational tours and classes.

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