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Virginia Smoking Tobacco seed
(From: $3.00 )

This is a beautiful annual that is actually the plant that grows smoking tobacco in Virginia. Gorgeous in the garden.

Ventura Celery Seed
(From: $3.00 )

This celery is a powerhouse of green energy, high in bone building silica. Use the whole stalk - including the leaves and seeds.

White alpine strawberry plants
($21.00 )

These everbearing plants produce small white alpine strawberries continually. They are perfect for planters or hanging baskets.

Dwarf Purple Okra Seeds
($3.00 )

This is a shorter plant than most okras so is better suited to smaller gardens. Beautiful plant, delicious, purple pods.

Honesty-Money Plant Seed
($3.00 )

Seed pods are used in dried flower arrangements . They are also called Lunaria because the seed pods look like a full moon

Lion's Tail-Wilde Dagga seed
($3.00 )

This annual exotic flower/herb from Africa is easy to grow . It is reported to have a mild euphoric effect.Unique in bouquets.

Seminole Squash Seed
(From: $4.00 )

Rare Squash - native heirloom - long season, easy to grow - up to 30 ft - productive, keeps well, taste great - good for pumpkin bread.

Armenian cucumber seed
($3.00 )

These burpless cucumbers are my new favorite ! Pale green, tender and more resistant to powdery mildew. Delicious no need to peel.

German Camomile seed
($3.00 )

Annual herb. Great for tea, self sows in our gardens, and blooms in the spring. We gather the flowers for tea and biodynamic preps.

Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato Seeds
($3.00 )

We found out this tomato is a hybrid but we loved it's sweetness , so decided to offer it . It is an experiment so unstable .

Ashwagandha Seed
($3.00 )

This Ayurvedic annual herb is easy to grow. It is used to help the immune system and helpful for the elderly. 40 seeds

Asparagus bean seed
($3.50 )

This Asian pole bean is easy to grow. It is tasty raw or steamed as well as resistant to bugs. It also produces for a long time .

We offer gifts from our garden to share the bounty of over 40 years of gardening. Sales of our products helps me restore the land and educate others. I am Certified Naturally Grown and a biodynamic gardener. EVERYTHING on the store is grown here. We make our own compost with our horses manure and have never used commercial chicken manures or any chemicals on our farm. We began the garden in 78. Our gardens are worked with a tiller and by hand. We have used organic practices long before there was even a national or local organization as I feel that consumers need to connect to the land as well as the growers of their foods. We feed our animals, organic, GMO free foods. I sell produce, herbs, flowers, seed or plants by appointment. I also offer educational tours and classes.

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