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Winter cress / Broadleaf Cress seed
(From: $3.00 )

This mustard green used to grow all over the fields in the winter before herbicides wiped it out . Delicious and easy to grow .

Hawthorne Berry Seed
($10.00 )

These berries are an herb used for heart health. They can also be planted to grow a beautiful tree with red berries in the fall.

Hot fish pepper seed
(From: $3.00 )

Heirloom hot pepper from the Black community in the Chesapeake Bay region. Used in fish houses. Fruit looks like swimming fish.

Milk Thistle Seed
($3.00 )

This unique plant's leaves can be juiced for restoring liver function. Beautiful in the garden. We make tinctures with the seed.

Tall flower Seed Collection
($3.50 )

This is good for a beneficial insect border as well as a cut flower garden.A mix of flowers from our gardens.

Tomato Seed - Chadwick Cherry
($3.00 )

A tomato variety introduced by the biodynamic pioneer Allen Chadwick

Valerian Seed
($3.00 )

Valerian flowers are fragrant and perfume the garden. We use the flowers in biodynamics and the root for herbal medicine.

Worchester Indian red pole bean
($4.00 )

Heirloom pole lima bean, grown here for 10 years originally from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Productive and easy to grow.

Yellow Egg-Tomato Seeds
($3.00 )

A pale yellow egg sized and shaped tomato. Translucent and very productive.

Burdock Seed
(From: $3.00 )

Macrobiotic root vegetable used in oriental cuisine, medicinal.

Cardamom Plant
($26.00 )

We got our plant from Monticello during the Harvest Festival a few years ago. They make fragrant houseplants(.Amomum cardamomum)

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Daymon Morgan's Kentucky Butcher Corn Seed
(From: $5.00 )

200 seeds of this gorgeous heirloom corn from Kentucky that grows 10 ft tall. I got the seeds from Salamander Springs Farm .

We offer gifts from our garden to share the bounty of over 40 years of gardening. Sales of our products helps us restore the land and educate others. We are Certified Naturally Grown and are also biodynamic gardeners. EVERYTHING on the store is grown here. Our gardens are worked with a tiller and by hand. We have used organic practices long before there was even a national or local organization as we feel that consumers need to connect to the land as well as the growers of their foods. I NEVER use any chemicals or commercial animal manures in our gardens. We feed our animals, organic GMO free foods. I sell produce, herbs ,flowers and plants by appointment . I also offer educational tours and classes.

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