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(Delmar, Delaware)
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Winter cress / Broadleaf Cress seed
(From: $3.00 )

This mustard green used to grow all over the fields in the winter before herbicides wiped it out . Delicious and easy to grow .

Yellow Egg-Tomato Seeds
($3.00 )

A pale yellow egg sized and shaped tomato. Translucent and very productive.

Butternut Squash Seed
(From: $3.00 )

Butternut -An Excellent winter squash-a special biodynamic strain.

Cardamom Plant
($18.00 )

We got our plant from Monticello during the Harvest Festival a few years ago. They make fragrant houseplants(.Amomum cardamomum)

Castor Bean Seeds
($3.50 )

These are seeds from the castor bean, a large annual that repels moles in the garden. It is huge and looks tropical.

Columbine Flower Seed
($3.00 )

This is a collection of seeds from my mothers farm. It is mostly cobalt blue with a few white or deep purple flowers in the mix .

Dried Flower Hearts
($25.00 )

Valentine's day wreaths made with vine and decorated with flowers and herbs from our gardens. With or without a bow.

Motherwort Seed
($3.00 )

A woman's herb, helpful in menopause as well as for cramps painful menstration, chest colds, heart tremors and worms

Rattlesnake pole bean seed
(From: $4.00 )

Heirloom pole bean with "real" bean taste. A beautiful bean with rattlesnake markings on the green beans.

Sweet Meat Winter Squash Seed
($3.50 )

Winter Squash - The best we ever tasted or grown - productive and keeps for a year at room temp.

Tall flower Seed Collection
($3.50 )

This is good for a beneficial insect border as well as a cut flower garden.A mix of flowers from our gardens.

Thornless Blackberry plants
(From: $10.00 )

Abundant berries on these thornless, productive plants. These Triple Crown thornless are our favorite variety.

We offer gifts from our garden to share the bounty of over 40 years of gardening. Sales of our products helps me restore the land and educate others. I am Certified Naturally Grown and a biodynamic gardener. EVERYTHING on the store is grown here. We make our own compost with our horses manure and have never used commercial chicken manures or any chemicals on our farm. We began the garden in 78. Our gardens are worked with a tiller and by hand. We have used organic practices long before there was even a national or local organization as I feel that consumers need to connect to the land as well as the growers of their foods. We feed our animals, organic, GMO free foods. I sell produce, herbs, flowers, seed or plants by appointment. I also offer educational tours and classes.

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