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(Fallbrook, California)
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Beck Grove - Blood Oranges
(From: $20.00 )

Beck Grove Blood Oranges: Certified 100% Organic by CCOF

La Vigne Persimmon Puree
($12.50 )

100% Organic frozen Persimmon Puree made with Beck Grove Organic & Biodynamic persimmons. Shipped frozen in cooler.

Beck Grove - Kumquats (Nagami)
(From: $21.50 )

Beck Grove Kumquats: Certified 100% Organic by CCOF

Beck Grove - Meyer Lemons
(From: $20.00 )

Beck Grove Meyer Lemons: Certified 100% Organic by CCOF

Dried, Sliced Persimmons
(From: $5.25 )

Dried, Sliced Persimmons (4 oz.) A delicious 100% Organic snack.

Beck Grove - Limes (Bearss)
(From: $20.00 )

Beck Grove Bearss Limes: Certified 100% Organic by CCOF

Blood O.J. (1/2 Gallon)- Frozen-100% Organic
($12.50 )

100% Organic Blood Orange Juice (Frozen). Made from Beck Grove Organic Blood Oranges. Shipped frozen in cooler.

La Vigne Persimmon Fruit Leather
(From: $1.50 )

Organic Persimmon Fruit Leather is a healthy snack alternative that is naturally sweet.

La Vigne Kumquat Blend Fruit Leather
(From: $1.50 )

100% Organic Kumquat/Persimmon Blend Fruit Leather, made with 100% Organic Nagami Kumquat puree.

La Vigne Kumquat Puree
($14.75 )

100% Organic frozen Kumquat Puree in 2 lb package. Shipped frozen in cooler.

Beck Grove - Rosemary
($3.50 )

Beck Grove Rosemary: Certified 100% Organic by CCOF

La Vigne Moroccan Preserved Lemons
($11.75 )

100% Organic Preserved Moroccan Lemons. A traditional flavoring for Moroccan tagines, poultry, meat or seafood.

Beck Grove is a 100% Organic citrus grove, owned and operated by Helene and Robert Beck. Here in this online store, we offer gourmet condiments and dried fruit under our label of La Vigne Ent, which are made with Beck Grove fruit that is 100% Organic. All Beck Grove fruit used in these condiments are certified Organic by CCOF. We specialize in the less-mainstream fruits of Persimmon and Kumquat. We are currently offering Persimmon Salsa, Persimmon Chipotle Sauce, Dried sliced persimmons, Freeze-dried persimmons, Persimmons Fruit Leather, Kumquat Conserve, Kumquat Piquant Sauce, Kumquat Fruit Leathers & Moroccan Lemon Preserves. We also have frozen purees, which can be shipped overnight. Our online store also features dried herbs grown here at Beck Grove, such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

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