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(Thayne, Wyoming)
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Lip Balm
($4.00 )

Lip Balm with Shea Butter as a natural sun protector.

Osha Lungwort Blend Tincture
(From: $12.95 )

Upper respiratory support: bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma, or any congested lung problem. Also for people who just stopped smoking.

Bladderwrack Tincture - Fucus vesiculosus
(From: $13.93 )

Treatment for underactive thyroid and goiter. Relieves joint inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis.

Pedicularis Tincture - Pedicularis canadensis
(From: $13.43 )

Muscle relaxant for the upper shoulders and neck. A mild calming sedative.

ADR Plus Tincture
(From: $12.95 )

Siberian Ginseng promote body's ability to handle stress. Useful where there is low energy, lack of focus or concentration.

Barberry Tincture - Berberis vulgaris
(From: $12.49 )

Stimulates digestion. Useful for intestinal parasites, especially giardia. Not for use during pregnancy.*

Milk Thistle Blend
(From: $12.49 )

Liver support: Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Oregon Grape Root, Burdock, Toadflax, Blue Vervain, Fringetree, Licorice.

Reishi Mushroom Tincture - Ganoderma lucidum
(From: $13.93 )

Immune system builder. A deterrent for high blood pressure and heart disease. Also lowers cholesterol.

Super Energizer Blend
(From: $12.49 )

Energy and stamina support: Sarsparilla, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Raspberry, Bee Pollen, Licorice, Cayenne.

Beth Root Tincture - Trillium erectum
(From: $13.43 )

Uterine tonic. For bleeding and hemorrhage, excessive blood flow or blood loss between periods.

Calendula Cream
(From: $13.95 )

Calendula Cream. A soothing all-purpose salve for cuts, burns and skin rashes. Great as a moisturizer for dry and chapped skin.

Calendula Tincture - Calendula Officinalis
(From: $12.49 )

Relieves inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract.

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