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(Thayne, Wyoming)
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Oatflower Horsetail Blend
(From: $12.49 )

Muscular skeletal support: Oatflowers, Horsetail, Hawthorn Berry, Nettles, Valerian, Lavender.

Peppermint Tincture (leaves) - Mentha piperita
(From: $12.49 )

Broad range of uses. Relieves intestinal colic and nausea. Good for morning sickness and motion sickness. Valuable fever treatment.

White Willow Tincture - Salix alba
(From: $12.49 )

Contains salicin - the natural precursor of aspirin. Useful in relieving joint/muscle pain. Reduces fever, headache.

Womens Blend II
(From: $12.49 )

For women over 50 years. For menopause or women approaching menopause. Helps to maintain balanced hormones.

Yerba Mansa Tincture - Anemopsis calfornica
(From: $12.49 )

Astringent/antiseptic. For deep slow-healing wounds. A balancer for mucous membrane secretions. Also for bronchitis and sinus infections.

Aniseed Tincture - Pimpinella anisum
(From: $12.95 )

Antispasmodic. Eases intestinal griping, colic and flatulence. Calms irritable coughing.

Baptisia Tincture - Baptisia tinctoria
(From: $12.49 )

For inflammations such as laryngitis, tonsillitis or pharyngitis. Can be used as a mouthwash.

Basil Tincture - Ocimum basilicum
(From: $12.49 )

Treats fevers, cold and flu. Alleviates stomach cramps, vomiting and indigestion.

Black Walnut Rub
(From: $13.95 )

Black Walnut Rub. For fungal infections or rashes of the skin and nails. Also promotes fast healing of cuts and burns.

Burdock Blend Tincture
(From: $12.95 )

Lymphatic system support. For chronic skin eruptions. System balancer. Not for use during pregnancy.

Chamomile, German - Matricaria recutita
(From: $12.49 )

Useful for anxiety and insomnia. Safe for Children to use.

Chaste Tree Berry - Vitex agnus-castus
(From: $12.49 )

Hormonal balancer. Normalizes the activity of female hormones, especially progesterone.

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