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(Thayne, Wyoming)
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Black Haw Tincture - Viburnum prunifolium
(From: $12.49 )

Relaxes the uterus. Relaxant and sedative action may also help reduce blood pressure.

Breathe Free Blend Tincture
(From: $12.95 )

Upper respiratory support. For stuffy, stuck sinus conditions and runny sinus conditions with sneezing.

Burdock Blend Tincture
(From: $12.95 )

Lymphatic system support. For chronic skin eruptions. System balancer. Not for use during pregnancy.

California Poppy Tincture - Escholzia Californica
(From: $12.49 )

Sedative. Useful for treating anxiety and restlessness. Mild enough for children, sensitive individuals.

Celery Seed Tincture - Apium graveolens
(From: $12.49 )

Diuretic. Treats arthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Not for use during pregnancy/kidney disorders.*

Chaste Tree Berry - Vitex agnus-castus
(From: $12.49 )

Hormonal balancer. Normalizes the activity of female hormones, especially progesterone.

Cherry Bark Cough Soother
($19.95 )

This is a soothing and calming formula for irritating coughs and sore throats. Not for extended use during pregnancy.

Chest Rub
($13.95 )

For bronchial congestion, pain, and soreness in the chest. This is a healing rub, stimulating deep circulation and relaxing the chest.

Cinnamon Tincture - Cinnamomum cassia
(From: $12.49 )

Helpful in relief of nausea and vomiting.

Cleavers Tincture - Galium aparine
(From: $12.49 )

Diuretic for inflammator conditions of lower urinary tract and in bladder stones and gravel.

Cornsilk - Zea mays
(From: $12.49 )

Used in urinary tract infections. A kidney cleanser, diuretic and tonic for urinary tract.

Eyebright Tincture - Euphrasia occidentalis
(From: $12.49 )

Relives acute and chronic eye inflammations. Also for conjunctivitis, nasal congestion and sinusitis.

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