Kalaya Emu Estates

(Hesston, Kansas)
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Emu Eggs for Hatching
($30.00 )

Fresh, Fertile, Emu Egg for Hatching raised by us on our emu farm.

Ground Emu Meat
(From: $10.75 )

One of the leanest ground meats. A natural for burgers, chili, tacos, and meat loaf. Use in any recipe as a substitute for beef.

Blown Emu Eggs
(From: $7.25 )

Blown (emptied), clean, disinfected eggs for egg painting, carving, etching, decoupaging, and other crafts.

Emu Summer Sausage
(From: $14.00 )

This summer sausage is made with emu meat and 20% turkey. No greasy after-taste here. Perfect party or snack item with crackers.

Pet Treats
(From: $3.75 )

Pet Treats made using the meat of an emu. Has no by-products. A healthy snack for your pets, that they will relish.

Emu Bratwurst Sausage (Uncooked)
($11.55 )

Very tasty, low-fat, uncooked sausage. Perfect for grilling at picnics, tail-gate parties and Oktoberfest Celebrations.

PEL Blemish Control
(From: $32.75 )

"Acne Cream" Serious Skin Care Made Simple for Acne or Rosacea - made with 100% natural ingredients

PEL Redness and Blemish Control
(From: $32.75 )

Rosacea Creme and can be used for mild Acne - 100% all-natural

Pet Nutritional Supplement
(From: $17.00 )

100% pure emu oil w/Vitamin E for your pet's needs

Pure Fully Refined Emu oil
(From: $15.00 )

Deep penetrating oil, non-irritating, and highly moisturizing for dry skin problems. Excellent for burns, swelling & inflammation.

Purple Rub Pain Relief Cream
($46.00 )

Amazing pain relief cream formulated with 30% emu oil to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum healing benefits.

Super-Rich Moisturizer
($48.00 )

100% Natural Skin Moisturizer for Aging Skin and Wrinkles. Formulated with 40% Emu Oil.

We sell Low-Fat, Frozen Emu Meats, Natural Emu Oil Products for Humans, Pets, and Equine, Emu Jerky and Pet Treats. (Emu Meat tastes similar to Beef and is 97% fat free, making it a healthy choice with those on a low-fat diet.)

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