Kalaya Emu Estates

(Hesston, Kansas)
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Emu Eggs for Hatching
($33.00 )

Fresh, Fertile, Emu Egg for Hatching raised by us on our emu farm.

Emu Fan Filet Steak
($13.50 )

USDA inspected, healthy low-fat steaks. This is the best cut of meat from the emu.

Emu Oil Gel Caps
($33.00 )

All-Natural Dietary Supplement to increase your Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids for a healthier body.

K-9 Essential Gel Caps w/MSM 750 MG
($25.75 )

The emus are raised by us & their oil is used in this product. Treatment for dogs with arthritis & dry, itching skin problems.

We sell Low-Fat, Frozen Emu Meats, Natural Emu Oil Products for Humans, Pets, and Equine, Emu Jerky and Pet Treats. (Emu Meat tastes similar to Beef and is 97% fat free, making it a healthy choice with those on a low-fat diet.)

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