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Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

The rich wonderful taste of the macadamia nut is often associated with Hawaii. One bite can transport you to our land of blue water, warm sunsets and the Aloha spirit!

Our 5 acres of "macs" are harvested September through March. The nut is allowed to ripen fully on the tree. Once it falls, we hand-pick the nut, remove the outer husk, and dry it for two weeks at 105 degrees to separate the kernel from the shell.

Then, the shell is cracked. Sound easy? The mac is the hardest nut in the world. It takes three hundred pounds per square inch of pressure to crack the shell! That's why you don't see macs for sale in the shell, it would take a BIG hammer for you to get your nut. We will gladly send you a mac in the shell with your order, just ask!

After cracking the shell, we are left with just the wonderfully flavorful white macadamia nut. The raw macadamia is lightly salted and shipped fresh to you.

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