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Beeswax Disks - Beeswax Cakes

These are perfect sized bee wax cakes for all sorts of crafts, hobbies, needlework, woodworking, flute making, candles, beads, quilting, thread conditioning, Bows, and, and...

Weighing just under an ounce each, they'll store almost indefinitely. These fresh pieces of bees wax are 100% natural, come from local bee hives, have a pleasant sweet smell and are a nice size to handle.

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- Approximate Shipping Weight: varies by offer

- Approximate Dimensions: 1 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch each disk

USES: -- waxing strings, thread conditioning & strenghtening, cosmetics, beading, waterproofing, molding/modeling, candles, soaps, salves, lip balm, & other crafts -- The beautiful golden color of this pure beeswax imparts a rich creamy color to your candles ~ plus a wonderful delicate honey scent & the benefit of a longer burning time. - Just drop a cake in with your melting wax & mix well before pouring. -- The popular soap and salve-maker, Quality Herbal Products, uses this bees wax extensively in their products & tell us the beautiful golden color of this pure beeswax imparts a rich creamy color to soaps, salves, lotion bars, & lip balms ~ plus a wonderful delicate honey scent. - Use approximately 2 tablespoons of beeswax (about 1/2 cake of wax) per pound of soap with your other oils or as a superfatting agent -- Perfect for waxing strings, waterproofing, molding, woodwork, fly tying, thread conditioning, etc.

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