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Catnip Seed ~ Organic Iowa Grown TOUGH STUFF!

At Catnip Farm we grow catnip and make nice, healthy gifts for pets & people. All proceeds from our catnip, seeds & cat toy sales go to veterinary expenses for rescued stray, feral & special needs cats.

Our Mr. Nipster is amazing catnip. If we were selfish about our special variety we'd keep the seeds to ourselves, but we love HAPPY CATS and want yours to have the very best catnip growing in their own yard or flowerpot.

We also offer high quality fresh & dried catnip, catnip leaf herbal tea, cotton tea bags, peat pellets & Certified Organic Potting Mix for STARTING CATNIP SEEDS INSIDE.

Our catnip is tougher than most garden plants & will thrive just about anywhere once it gets going. No need to prep a perfect garden bed, just broadcast seed, keep watered & protect from curious kitties until the plants are good-sized. When their roots are established they're practically indestructible.

As temperatures warm, catnip will flower & self-sow to give you new baby plants each year & you can harvest seeds along with mature flower buds, fresh or dry they make great cat toys! The flowers are lavender & white, beloved by butterflies & beneficial insects.

What I love most about our catnip is that it's always growing and happy months after killing frost, and it's the first plant growing green under the snow in spring.

Our Bulk Catnip Seed is sifted, not sorted: min. 975 seeds per gram.

Now you can grow your own & try ours too ~ have fun, kitty pals.

Thank you for your support!

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