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Black Ameraucana hatching eggs -- Purebred

Ameraucanas have always been our favorite chickens. They are probably the most popular breed in the United States right now, given the craze for their lovely blue-green eggs.

Due to their popularity, it is reported that 99% of the chicks sold as Ameraucana or Easter Egg chickens are mongrels, not true to the breed standard. (This is possible because the colored-egg gene is dominant.)

Our Ameraucanas are the real deal! These gorgeous, glossy black birds are from our purebred stock, and sired by our main rooster, Studmuffin, full sibling of a hen who was selected as the National Grand Champion Ameraucana a few years ago.

Personality-wise, Ameraucanas can be feisty, and the hens are very broody. But I find the roosters to be exceptionally personable and easy to tame. All our Ameraucana roosters are very nice with people, and courtly with the hens.

If you don't care about pure bloodines and just want some nice "Easter Egg" chickens, you may order non-purebred hatching eggs (the chicks will be 3/4 Ameraucana, sired by our excellent rooster).

We cannot guarantee hatch rates, but will ship your fertile eggs with the utmost care, and we do guarantee their safe arrival.

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