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Herbal Culinary Spices

Its Harvest Time!

Dried culinary herbs fresh from my organic garden

$2.50 per container - $3.00 for loose Bay Leaves

* * More herbs to come as the season ends or ask for your favorite herb. All herbs are organically grown. * *

  • Basil ¢ï¿½?â?œ culinary, also aids digestion
  • Lemon Balm ¢ï¿½?â?œ stress relief, also great on fish and
  • chicken
  • Caraway Seed ¢ï¿½?â?œ culinary, also aids in digestion, colic
  • and gas
  • Rosemary ¢ï¿½?â?œ culinary, appetite stimulant
  • Catnip ¢ï¿½?â?œ grown especially for the kitties, also a stress
  • reliever, children¢ï¿½?â„¢s herb & aids in sleep
  • Parsley ¢ï¿½?â?œ culinary, strong diuretic, rich in Vitamin C
  • Peppermint - culinary, headache relief, appetite
  • stimulant, digestive aid, great children¢ï¿½?â„¢s herb S
  • age ¢ï¿½?â?œ culinary, antiseptic, antibacterial, dispels
  • internal heat, stimulates digestion Bay - culinary (not sent in container, the herbs are loose as to not break the leaves)

    Herbs are in a reusable plastic shaker with flip top lid. Lid makes it easy to shake spices out in desired amounts.

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