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Tart Blackberry Juice for Jelly Making

DO NOT buy this without reading the full description. This unsweetened blackberry juice is made from blackberries that were not ripe enough to be sweet. A "green" blackberry taste similar to a lemon! This juice, while consumed alone tastes similar to vinegar or dry wine, is intended for people who would like to make jelly, cobbler, use for baking, marinating, or use as a healthy additive to smoothies or other drinks. If you plan on drinking the blackberry juice, you will have to add your own sweetener or cut with another beverage, according to your taste, b/c this juice is straight blackberry with no sugar added and very little natural sugar and you WILL NOT be able to drink it as is. It is supposed to be a blend of 70% Blackberry 30% Muscadine (to sweeten) but the Muscadine is not evident. It is not vinegar, fermented, or "gone bad", but you cannot drink it alone. With added sugar it makes wonderful jelly!

We've put a new label on it with a DELICIOUS Blackberry Jelly Recipe on it, so if you're looking for juice for jelly this is it!

This juice had no additives, no water or sugar. It is 100% juice.

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