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Hickory Nuts

With a taste similar to pecans, the native Hickory nut has been neglected in favor of its commercial cousin. Hickory nuts were a staple food of the Algonquin peoples, and deserve to become more popular as a delicious and particularly nutritious nut.

We gather these Hickory nuts from the enormous old trees around our farm and forest. Some of these trees must be over 200 years old, with 4-foot diameters. They are home to many squirrels, who scold from the treetops as we steal their nuts. (We re-pay them with corn!)

You may choose from two different varieties of Hickory nuts -- the Shellbark Hickory, a larger nut the size of a walnut, or the Shagbark Hickory, smaller but prized by the hardcore Hickory nut lovers as superior in flavor. (Both are delicious!)

These Hickory nuts are sold in the shell -- we gather and hull them, but are not currently equipped to shell them in large quantities. The shells are reasonably easy to crack with a good nutcracker or heavy object.

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