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All-Heirloom Summer Squash Seed Collection

Along with the garlic and tomatoes, the summer squashes round out our gardening passions!

Growing up down South, summer squash was our favorite seasonal dish. I can still taste my mom's fried yellow crookneck, and her squash casseroles!

Here is a line-up of our current favorites that we grow for Market -- the economical collection will give you plenty to plant with lots to share with your friends and neighbors.

Black Beauty Zucchini: prolific and very easy to grow.

Early Crookneck: heirloom variety dating back to pre-Columbian times.

Golden Custard Yellow Scallop

Green Tint Scallop

White Scallop

You can get a lot of food value from larger fruits, but we recommend harvesting as baby squash, when the blossom is still on the fruit. The tenderness and taste cannot be beat! Here's a delightful way to prepare it, the dish we live on all summer: cut the baby squash into cross-sections, 1/4-1/2" thick. Top with spreadable goat cheese, fresh herbs, and nuts. Bake at 350.

These are all bush-style squashes that you should plant 1" deep in hills 4-5' apart. They all mature in about 50 days -- plant successively for squash all season long!

Squashes are heavy feeders, so feed them lavishly with manure and other compost dug into the hills.

Each packet includes at least 15-25 seeds; you may buy either the economical collection, the Summer Squash Mix or individual varieties.

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