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Pastured, Heritage Chickens*BULK

20 pack of free-range, heritage chickens. Shipped directly to your doorstep, within California. Weight is appx. 60.lbs

Studies show, pastured poultry is higher in Omega 3's, CLA's as well as lower in fat and calories!

Guaranteed California fresh! The freshest poultry on today's market. Packaged w/ feet & necks attached. No giblets promised.

No Grains! No corn, No soy, No wheat & Gluten-Free! Grown specifically for high nutritional values, superior qualities, and bursting with bountiful flavor.


Heritage, rare & endangered breeds

Free range, Grass Fed

Humane handling, No G.M.O's

Superb animal husbandry, second to none

Individually processed, by hand

Clean and safe living conditions

Environmentally safe and ecologically friendly protocol

Heritage, Range Chickens weigh Appx. 2.5 - 3.5lbs ea.

Fed a 100% Certified Organic Diet, grown on free-range and our chickens are NOT vegetarians!

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