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Bulk Purchase Freezer Beef

This is a large quantity of beef to store in your freezer at a bulk price. Our beef is Certified Natural by the Tennessee Natural Beef Program, raised on Tennessee grasses and clovers with no chemicals added. Our cattle have never received vaccinations, wormers, pesticides, antibiotics, or any form or type of hormones/steroids.

The beef are grass fed and then grass finished. The beef is dry aged a minimum of 21 days. Dry aging is a process of storing the beef in a cold, dry room. This allows excess moisture to evaporate, concentrates the beef flavor and naturally tenderizes the beef.

The beef is priced per pound of hang (or dress) weight.

Delivered amount is based on cutting choices.

Price includes USDA inspection, custom cutting to the type of cuts and thickness, vacuum packing of steaks and shrink wrapping of other cuts, and FREE DELIVERY within 50 miles of the farm.

NOW Available! December Holiday Small Freezer Special ! - $495

3 Rib Eye (about 10-12 oz)
3 NY Stips (about 8-10 oz)
3 Sirloins (8-10 oz)
1 Stew Meat (each packages about a lb.)
5 Assorted Roasting Cuts ( about 13 lbs.) that may include:
Rump, Chuck, Top Round, Brisket, Eye of Round Roast
20 Lbs. 95% lean Premium Ground Beef. You may substitute some of your Ground Beef for short ribs or additional roasting cuts.
Pork - 6 Pork chops, 2 Bacon/Ham, 4 lb Sausage
Chicken - One Whole Chicken, 3 pounds Leg Qtr and 3 pounds Wing

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