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Raw MERINO Wool Fleeces

Each year we try to coat our best fleeces. But,the first few months after shearing we leave them off. The darker fleeces will have "sunkissed" tips and the whites will have darker tips. Coats help to keep out the excess vegetable matter & burrs sheep love to get into, which makes for easier processing.

An average ewe fleece tends to weigh anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds and have been well skirted. Merinos are notorious for being a greasier fleece, especially the rams. Therefore you can lose up to 50% of the weight after washing.

Usually the lock length of our Merinos range from 2 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches. The average being 3 1/2 inches. The micron count also varies with each fleece.

Merino as you know is the finest of the wool breeds. The crimp, the zig-zags in the fiber, are what give the wool its resiliency to bounce back into its original shape.

Whether you want to buy one pound, or an entire fleece it is up to you. If you are not familiar with washing a fleece, I can include directions if requested. I highly recommend using Power Scour from Unicorn. It is gentle on the fibers and uses less hot water.

Although it takes time and effort to clean and spin the wool; when you have finished you will have an heirloom piece.

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