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Sheep Sorrel - Organic seeds

Effectively treats menstruation ailments, urinary tract disorders, bladder irritations and infections, intestinal problems and more. Sheep Sorrel is used as a diuretic, refrigerant and diaphoretic, and the juice extracted from the fresh plant is of use in urinary and kidney diseases. Sheep Sorrel is also called sour-grass because of it's sharp taste. Sheep Sorrel is highly praised as a vermifuge. Intestinal worms have no resistance to the properties of this herb. A good remedy for stomach hemorrhage and profuse menstruation. Also extremely effective for kidney, bladder and liver problems such as gravel, stones and jaundice. One of Sheep Sorrel's main claims to fame is its inclusion in the herbal tea, Essiac, which is purported to be effective in the fight against cancer.

Sheep Sorrel is much smaller than either French or Garden Sorrel, and is often tinged, especially towards the end of the summer, a deep red hue. It is a slender plant, the stems from 3 to 4 inches to nearly a foot high, often many and tufted, decumbent at the base. The leaves, 1/2 to 2 inches in length, have long petioles and are variable in breadth, mostly narrow-lanceolate, the lower ones hastate and the lobes of the base usually spreading and often divided.

Growing tips: Sheep sorrel seeds are required: 1) barely cover seeds and 2) water regularly. Germination takes 1-2 weeks.

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