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Elephant Garlic Corms 75 ct.

Corms are found hanging undernearth the harvested full-sized elephant bulbs. Once you have elephant garlic established in your garden, you will have plenty of your own corms to increase your inventory.

Corms can be tricky to germinate since their seed coating is so hard. Presoaking helps. So does nicking the corm to make a small slit in it--just be careful not to go too deep and harm in the inner germ. You can also rub the exterior of the corm with fine grade sand paper to make that portion of the seed wall thinner and permeable to moisture.

If you want to avoid the extra work that nicking or thinning the corm wall entails, then plant your corms a month or two BEFORE you'd plant regular garlic in your area. The extra time in the soil will let Mother Nature naturally soften the corm shell so you don't have to go through all that extra work.

Plant them about 1" deep in soft, rich soil. With luck and some TLC, they should come up for you.

Next year you will harvest what's referred to as a garlic round: one solid, round piece of garlic. Eat it as you would your garlic cloves OR replant it at garlic planting time that year and the following season you will have one super large elephant garlic bulb. Some of my larger rounds have produced one pound garlic bulbs!

***If you are ONLY buying corms and the shipping seems too high, PLEASE contact me prior to placing your order so I can adjust the shipping accordingly. Thank you

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