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Cherimoya (Annon, Sapote, Mamey, Sugar Apple

A nice fruit! If you're fruit buff, it's for the top of the list with a nice flavor between a pear, apple and pineapple - and a wonderful texture that is firm when eaten at the proper time ( firm but slightly yielding, like a good tomato). We list the Annon, etc. as these are in about the same family with approximately the same general flavor.

Due to the time sensitivity of this fruit, we cannot guarantee shipment right away and we must match ripeness with location in the USA. We cannot guarantee, as we do all our other fruit, that it will arrive properly due to the rapid (7-8 days) ripening of this fruit and short shelf life once it does. But we have had no complaints so far and been in business since 1997. But then, this is an odd winter for weather across the US. We do the best for you. That is why we are taking only one order at a time. It is suggested that one does not combine a cherimoya order with any other than a bottle syrup or yuzu due to ripening issues.

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