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All-American Heirloom Watermelon Collection

Nothing says summer like the watermelons we grew up eating in Georgia! The downside: spoiled by Georgia melons, we took a while to overcome our snobbery toward Midwestern-grown melons! Finally, we set about to see if we could grow decent watermelons in Indiana, and we have been pleasantly surprised!

Here is an assortment of watermelons we have grown in Southern Indiana, most with good or even excellent results -- although some of these varieties would do better in a hotter climate, and some would do well even further north.

We have chosen these varieties in part for their rarity -- with the pressing need to preserve genetic diversity, why grow what everyone else is growing?

And, remember when you thought tomatoes were just red? We also want to help popularize the entire color spectrum of watermelons, so this collection includes 4 reds, but also 3 yellows, an orange, and a rare white-fleshed melon. All delicious summer fun!

  • Cream of Saskatchewan: a fabulous melon that grows very well in the North!
  • Georgia Rattlesnake
  • Missouri Heirloom Yellow Flesh
  • Mountain Hoosier
  • OrangeGlo
  • Petite Yellow
  • Picnic
  • Stone Mountain
  • White Wonder

  • You may purchase any of the individual varieties, or try our Rare Watermelon Mix, an assortment of 25 seeds including at least four of these great melons.

    Minimum 10-20 seeds.

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