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Lavender flower Buds - Wedding Toss

One pound equals approximately 15 to 16 cups. Sixty four, one quarter cups. One quarter cup is the perfect amount for each guest at a wedding to toss, or 1/4 cup is enough to fill a 3 x 4 inch sachet bag.

The Magic of Lavender
History: Lavender has been used for centuries. There is evidence of lavender being used in Egyptian times in perfumes and massage oils. The Greeks used lavender as medicine during the first century AD. The Romans used lavender to scent the public baths where it was believed to restore vitality to bathers. Romans also used lavender oil to massage and heal the skin and to repel insects. There are even several references to lavender in the Bible. The Queen of Sheba offered King Solomon "spike," an early name for lavender. Judith rubbed lavender oil on her body before seducing Holofernes. In France, lavender flowers were strewn on the floor to freshen the air and mask stinking smells of the unsanitary streets. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I drank 10 cups of lavender tea a day to ward off headaches and promote her sense of well being. The history of lavender's benefits is long and well documented.

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