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Mountain Mulberry Conserve

When I was growing up, my father taught me that the first thing one should do when moving onto a new piece of land is to plant mulberry trees. The fast growing trees provide abundant shade and as a bonus they produce rich dark berries that are loved by humans and wildlife alike. Thus, with mulberries originally planted on our land to provide the shade my father loved and to attract hungry berry-eating birds, we recently decided to look over the history of mulberries and recipes that included them. In doing so we found out that because the two-inch berries are so juicy, they rarely make it to market shelves. But fresh picked, they are great for making into pies and jams. Additionally, we found a new way mulberries could complement a meal.

Typically we make our conserve based on two or more fruits that occasionally become ripe together. That's why the conserves can change from year to year. In the new Mountain Mulberry Conserve, we combined the rich dark mulberries with our sweet luscious boysenberries and added plump raisins and walnuts to make for a heartier experience. We then added a touch of cinnamon to make the country taste complete.

Ingredients: Fresh picked organic mulberries and boysenberries, jumbo mixed raisins, walnuts, sugar, pectin, spices.

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