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Wholegrain Kentucky Heirloom Cornmeal

Whole grain cornmeal, ground from our colorful Kentucky heirloom corn, makes an unforgettably delicious & nutritious cornbread--without using wheat flour. The package includes a quick, gluten-free recipe, mixed & baked in a cast-iron skillet.

Most cornmeal has the nutritious bran & germ removed for longer shelf life. Wholegrain cornmeal is much more flavorful and nutritious! Store in the freezer (or refrigerator short-term): whole grain meals can become stale stored at room temperature because the milling exposes its germ (the seed's life force for germination) to the air. This cornbread is so yummy and so quick to make that you likely won't have it around that long!

Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm originally acquired seed for this corn from Daymon Morgan in eastern Kentucky where it was grown since the mid-1800's. Through intensive selection since 2001, she developed a dramatically improved seed and now sold through Southern Exposure heirloom seed catalog in Virginia.

Salamander Springs Farm is a small-scale unmechanized farm managed using permaculture principles and practices. Our corn is grown in a traditional "3 Sisters" polyculture with pole beans & squash. We use cover crops, organic compost and mulches instead of extracted fertilizers or pesticides. Our soil is not treated like dirt - not tilled into dust to erode away - and it is teaming with life and stable organic nutrients which feed our crops naturally.

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