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Orange Banana Heirloom tomato seeds

(Solanum lycopersicum)

78 days. Open polinated Heirloom. Indeterm. Vigorous tomato plant yields loads of sweet flavored, 3 to 4" long plum shaped tomatoes. The color is just beautiful - bright, solid, vibrant orange. The fruits are reliably blemish free and perfect. Tastey enough for fresh eating. Also makes a gorgeous orange, excellently flavored sauce. We like to make salsa with these and some red and purple peppers and green cilantro - stunning! A canner's favorite - ripens quite a few tomatoes at one time. It did well for us in this last cool, wet summer.

Germinated at 96%. .


Lifecycle:1    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Container Planting:no

Cultural Requirements:

Soil:Adaptable. Tomatoes need phosphorous, potasium, and calcium more than nitrogen. Bone meal is ideal. Excess nitrogen causes large plants with fewer, later fruits.
Propagation / Germination:Start seeds indoors 5 to 6 weeks before last frost. Keep soil lightly moist, not wet. 77 degrees is ideal, but anywhere from 60 to 85 degrees will work.
Sun:Full sun.
Water:Water weekly if necessary. Tomatoes appreciate mulch, but wait until soil has warmed and plants are growing fast.

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