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Bath Herbs for Excessive Monthly Cycle

This is for heavy bleeding during your monthly. When the flow is truly excessive and not just a heavy cycle, it should be attended to as soon as the problem is detected. I am not acting as a physician, but merely stating that sometimes we can treat ourselves with a satisfactory outcome by using herbs, which God has strewn the earth with.

Should a women have an excessive menstrual flow and would like to try using herbs,This bath tea is full of my special herbs that just might help. Also, look in my teas section for Teas for Excessive Monthly, a loose tea that you may purchase.

Baths with herbs go directly into the body through the skin and quickly absorb the herbs. Each bath tea has just the right amount of herbs for one bath and comes with instructions on how to use.

There are no oils added to my bath herbs , so your bathing experience is free from worry about oil residue and tub clean up, and , slipping and injuring yourself .

MUSLIN BAG... each one can be used twice.

BATH HERBS IN TEA BAGS each one can be used once Full tub bath teas (where bath tub is as full of water as can be) are a little bit larger than the sitz bath (where the water goes only as far as the hips) . The sitz bath teas can also be used as foot bath teas.

Bath bags are tucked inside a pretty beaded, claret organza bag!

red raspberry leaves, nettle, yarrow, alfalfa

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