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Stinging Nettle Hair Tonic - Not for blond hair

Not for blond hair!

Tonic ingredients: Organic Nettle leaves infusion, Apple Cider Vinegar and Water.

Use it several times a week by massaging it into the scalp.

This can be massaged into scalp as dandruff treatment or can be used as a comb-through for thinning hair or as a deterrent for balding.

Organic Nettle Leaf: Nettles contain vitamins A and C as well as hair-healthy fats. They are believed to aid in the prevention of hair loss.

Nettles are a good general tonic of the female reproductive system, excellent for young women just starting their monthly cycle, as well as women entering menopause. Stinging nettle helps reduce water retention and soothes PMS symptoms. You can find more information about Stinging nettle Health benefits by opening our Herbs and Seeds listings at Local Harvest: Stinging Nettle Tea and Stinging Nettle seeds.

Apple cider vinegar: Have so many uses it's a great item to keep on hand in your pantry and it's very inexpensive. It can be used as a hair rinse to clarify product build up, makes hair shiny and helps control dandruff and oiliness. Be careful about using on very dry or damaged hair since it can tend to be a bit drying.

Chamomile tea is a good rinse for blond hair giving it shine and highlights. Also use Apple Cider as a skin toner after cleansing your face instead of using high priced store bought toners. Look for a Chamomile tea bags in our store listings.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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