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Hot Diggity Dog! Flea and Tick Repellent

Hot Diggity Dog! These flea and tick repellents are just right for most any doggy bed! This formula will repel ticks and fleas off the animal as well as their bedding and surrounding areas.

Just tuck the little pillow in the dog's bed.

The ingredients are very agreeable to most dogs and should not create any skin problems or other problems for your pet! No pennyroyal is added which may harm your pet or irritate their fur and skin. Also, no essential oils are added.

sizes are:

4 X 4 "


8 x 8

choose from colors and designs of RED; BLUE; YELLOW Each pillow should last over a year!

All earthy, homegrown ingredients that include lavender, peppermint, cedar.

You can't get any greener, than my farm! I use no machinery for anything. Everything is 100% clean and sanitary.

Get what you pay for! Buy the best that money can buy!

Medicine Woman specializes in home made teas, culinary blends, bath bags, moth and flea repellents. Please see all my listings and keep checking back every week or so to see what is new!

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