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Anna Russian Heirloom Tomato Plant

We have a 6 plant minimum. You can mix and match varieties to meet the minimum.

70 days. Indeterm. OP. Amazing producer of loads of blemish free, medium to large, and very tasty, pink oxheart tomatoes.These tomatoes are just gorgeous, and will make you feel like a pro. Fruits are up to a pound each and are crack resistant. We grew Anna Russian for the first time in 2010 in an attempt to figure out the origins of our self named "Joe's Pink Oxheart". It is not Joe's, as it has a larger plant, (huge, really), smaller and much juicier fruit. We were not looking to add another pink oxheart to our collection, but Anna Russian blew us away. It was a workhorse, producing through the heat of our very hot summer that stopped most of our tomatoes cold. And then, in the fall when the weather cooled, it out-produced all 100 plus varieties of tomatoes we were growing. Its a keeper! From Russia by way of Oregon.

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