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Bath Herbs for Sore Muscles and Aching Joints

Strains ( which affect muscles) and sprains (which affect joints) are embarrassingly common. With a strain, muscle tissue overstretches or tears outright, causing sharp pain followed by stiffness and tenderness. In a sprain, the ligaments stretch or tear. The result is swelling, pain, and bruising.

The combined ingredients of comfrey, balsam fir, mugwort, dandelion root, cramp bark , ginger root and sage help relieve the soreness in muscles and joints.

all the herbs are used for bruises, relieving muscles spasms, shrinking inflamed tissues and promoting circulation to the heart.

Each single tea bag is filled with herbs and has just the right amount of herbs for one luxurious bath

Full tub bath teas (where bath tub is as full of water as can be) are a little bit larger than the sitz bath (where the water goes only as far as the hips) . The sitz bath teas can also be used as foot bath teas.

Each MUSLIN BAG can be used twice.

Bath bags are tucked inside a pretty beaded, claret organza bag!

There are no oils added to my bath herbs , so your bathing experience is free from worry about oil residue and tub clean up, and , slipping and injuring yourself .

All herbs used in this formula are grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc and are hand harvested with no machinery involved. You can't get any greener, than my farm!

Buy cheap herbs, get cheap quality

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