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Popcorn White Natural

Are you a popcorn connoisseur? Even if you simply enjoy a bowl of hot, crunchy popcorn while watching TV, you should try our popcorn. On our small, organic (not certified) farm. we grow and harvest and shell by hand an excellent tasting popcorn. We grow popcorn using organic principals without chemical pesticides and herbicides.

And, our popcorn is NON-GMO. Our popcorn is from seed that I have saved myself for the last 10+ years. Each season, I select the best popping and tasting ears of popcorn from my field and keep them back for seed the following spring. My popcorn is "open pollinated" -- the natural way!

Popcorn is nutritious, high in fiber, naturally low in calories and fat, contains no sodium and no sugar, making it a great snack food. We've popped it in the microwave, on the stove top, and in an air popper and it always tastes great. The popcorn we sell is fresh from the latest growing season. It keeps a long time on the shelf but can be frozen if you prefer.

The best thing about our popcorn is that it simply tastes better. We grow a white variety that has a tasty corn flavor in a medium sized popped kernel. If you've tasted so called 'gourmet' large kernel popcorn and found it tasteless like cardboard or if you've had prepackaged microwave popcorn and found it artificial flavored and oily, you will definitely enjoy Red Rooster Farm's popcorn.

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