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Local Wildflower Honey

Our little farm has been harvesting local wildflower honey from two locations for 4 years. Although we have been keeping bees on our property for 8 years we have the privilege of using the property of a friend in the Hagen/ Vichy area which has been a happy place for the girls to forage since it has so much of what they like.

For those that don't know to much about the benefits of honey honey is such a better sugar substitute then all of those that are on the market these days. I also use honey as a deterrent to my spring allergies that I have been so unlucky to be getting the older I am. I was born here in Napa and I find that taking a little of my honey that is harvested here can keep the allergies at bay rather than taking another pill everyday.

I also cook with honey as much as an substitute for raw sugar or other sweeteners. It seems to "soften" the taste of prepared foods rather then just going for sweet it adds a nice flavor in addition.

With all this the idea of honey is also a sweet one in the fact that the bees are keeping out valley just a little sweeter by pollinating our flower, fruit trees and vegetables day in and out.

For without the bee we would be without a lot of our fruits and vegetables!

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