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Blood Pressure Control Tea

Contains: Astragalas, Barberry, *Dandelion, Gotu Kola, Milk Thistle, *Nettle, Passion Flower, *Rosemary, *Scullcap, and *Spearmint

Astragalas is rich in polysaccharides and is known for supporting T-cell function. and has anti-clotting properties.

Barberry is typically used to help liver function. Contains the alkaloid Berberine, which dilates blood vessels and helps lower blood pressure.

Dandelion is an excellent source of potassium and helps detoxify the system, improves health, increases mobility, and reduces stiffness in joints.

Gota Kula is one of the best nerve tonics and improves blood circulation.

Milk Thistle is one of the best liver tonics with it's active ingredient, Silymarin, and is a free radical scavender. When the liver is clean, it keeps the blood system clean.

Nettle has the capability to neutralize uric acid and has been used against anemia. Increases flow of urine and helps the digestive tract.

Passion Flower helps with inflammation and nervous problems. Passion flower calms and kills bacteria.

Rosemary is antiseptic and aids headaches and digestive issues. Strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure.

Scullcap calms the nervous system and relieves spasms.

Spearmint is calming and soothing and helps relieve spasms, increases blood circulation, and stomach gas.

Owens Acres products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor.

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