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Bronze Fennel Seed - Naturally Produced

Bronze fennel is a very attractive addition to your yard or garden. As the name implies,it has feathery, fragrant bronze-green foliage, and produces small yellow umbels in late summer.

This is not a bulb fennel - rather, the foliage and seeds are used to add a very mild, pleasant anise-like flavor to foods and beverages.

I grow this plant as a perennial in Zone 7b North Carlina. In colder climates it may not survive the winter and will have to be grown as an annual.

Bronze Fennel can grow up to 6' tall, so makes a great border or hedge plant. Also makes a very nice "centerpiece" specimen among other plants.

Direct sow bronze fennel seed about 1" deep in well worked, amended soil, in a location which receives full sun (at least 6 hours per day) and is well drained. Plant only after danger of your last frost has passed.

Once established, Bronze Fennel required no special care. Keep watered in very dry conditions, as required.

Swallow tail butterflies sometimes use Bronze Fennel as a host plant, so be on the lookout for the brightly colored caterpillars!

This is an heirloom, open-pollinated variety of fennel. Allow the plant to set seeds and save to share with friends. Fennel will reseed itself, so keep the plants dead-headed if you don't want "babies" all over your garden!

One pack contains a minimum of 50 fresh, viable seed, fresh for for 2014

Happy Gardening!!!
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