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Anise Hyssop Seeds

Agastache Foeniculum;

US Native wildflower seeds;

Mint family (Lamiaceae);

the flowers are pollinated primarily by honeybees, bumblebees, and other long-tongued bees, which seek nectar or pollen. The flowers are also visited by an oligolectic bee, Doufourea monardae; the preference is full or partial sun, and mesic to dry conditions.

The soil can consist of loam, clay-loam, or contain some rocky material. Foliar disease isn't a significant problem, although some of the lower leaves may drop from the central stem in response to a drought.

Occasionally, slugs and insects will feed on the leaves, creating holes.

This member of the Mint family is more resistant to drought than many others; perennial;

sow seeds on soil surface at 70F and water;

slow to germinate;

zone- 4a - 9b;

light- full sun to part shade.

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