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Water Apple

The Wax Jambu aka "Water Apple" is is an extremely delicate fruit with a limited time to be eaten, so with this fruit I recommend consuming right away. These are pricey because we do need to ship these OVERNIGHT due to there high perishibilty THAT COST ALONE IS 45.00 CREATING A HIGHER PRICE POINT FOR THIS ITEM THIS IS NEW.We have added 2 extra lbs to compensate

Indigenous of Southeast Asia, Water Apples are thin and waxy looking with edible skin and are delicious, refreshing and have a crisp white flesh inside. The color goes from a pale green to a blush pink and can end up on the crimson side at the end. The Water Apple is well known to be pleasant when bitten into raw as well as being used in salads. They have a slight flavor and that being sweet. So indulge your self in light refreshment.

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