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Llama Beans Natural Fertilizer for Gardens

Direct From Our Farm To You That's right folks, "Llama Beans". That's the fun name for llama manure. This one is more for your pet plants. Llama manure is just about the world's most perfect fertilizer. Llama manure is a very earth- friendly product that plants, of all kinds, love and are nourished by. It's known as a safe, organic, fertilizer that does not burn plants as do so many other chemical and animal fertilizers. It has no strong odors or other annoying disadvantages. You want Green? It doesn't get much greener than this Llama Manure Benefits Llama manure is lower in organic matter content than manures of most other barnyard livestock (like cows, horses and sheep)--but it still has plenty to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows llama manure to be spread directly onto plants without fear of 'burning' them. It is the decomposition of organic matter which produces the heat that can damage plant roots. Compared to the other barnyard animals, the nitrogen and potassium content of llama droppings is comparatively high--an indication of good fertilizer value. (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium arethe major plant nutrients; they are the familiar N-P-K on fertilizer bags.) Phosphorus is relatively low--but it is low in most other livestock manure as well Calcium and magnesium content is about average.

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