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Homestead Heirloom Tomato Seed

80-90 days Homestead tomatoes are open-pollinated, meaning you can save the seed from the best of your crop and plant them the next year and grown plants that are true to the parent. These are also indeterminate, as are most open-pollinated tomatoes, which means that they do not ripen all at the same time, but rather over a period of 3-4 weeks or so. These are vining, and will require staking.
Homestead tomatoes are 8-10 ounce round red tomatoes, with excellent tomato flavor. These are the perfect size for canning or freezing whole. They also taste great dehydrated, but most importantly are fantastic for eatin' fresh!!
Start seed inside at least 6 weeks before last frost date. Harden seedlings off, and move to your garden after all danger of frost has passed.
SAVE YOUR OWN SEED Allow fruit to fully ripen on the vine. Remove from vine and cut one end off of the tomato. Squeeze out all of the seeds and pulp into a bowl. Allow this to ferment for a couple of days, then rinse well. Allow seeds to fully dry in a single layer, a paper towel laid on a plate works very well for this. Store fully dried seed in a cool,dry place. Properly dried and stored tomato seed may be viable for up to 5 years.
One packet contains a minimum of 30 fresh,viable seed. The parent plants were Peacefully HomeGrown in NC Zone 7b for 2014 gardening season
Happy Gardening!!
Peacefully HomeGrown uses ABSOLUTELY NO chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers

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