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New! Purebred Icelandic White Bulk Roving

NEW Roving run from SpringToo Fibers in Kiowa, Colorado.

You will love spinning or felting or weaving with this roving, as it is extremely soft to begin with and after washing & wearing, (a knitted piece), the wool "blooms" & becomes even softer. And Icelandic fiber dyes BEAUTIFULLY!

Iceland is best known for their wool around the world. Their wool is of dual character: a fine soft undercoat (called thel) and a long coarser coat (called tog).

The tog fiber is strong and wear resistant, not unlike mohair and sheds rain and dirt well. Thel, the downy undercoat, provides loft for the outer coat and keeps the animal warm and dry. The tog comes from the primary hair follicles and the thel from secondary follicles. The fiber coming from the primary follicles of Icelandic sheep is not kemp or guard hair, but true wool.

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