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Indian Blanket Flower Seed

Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) are perennials which will grow to between 2 and 3 feet. The daisy like flowers are brightly colored in warm shades of red, yellow and gold. The flowers are borne on long stems, which make these ideal for use as cut flowers and in arrangements. These make excellent border plants. If you keep them deadheaded they will bloom from mid spring until frost.

Indian Blanket flower will tolerate poor soils, and will thrive in almost any conditions. Direct sow seed in prepared bed. Germination should take no longer than 2 weeks in normal conditions. Keep the plants dead-headed for blooms through out the summer.
I live in Zone 7b, my Indian Blanket flowers bloom from May to November.
SAVE YOUR OWN SEED: Allow flowers to completely dry on the stalk, then cut off flower head and remove the seed. Keep your harvested seed in a cool dry place for sowing next season. Indian Blanket seed stored properly may remain viable for 3 or more years.

One pack contains minimum 100 fresh seed for 2014 These see were Peacefully HomeGrown in USDA Zone 7b
Happy Gardening!!!
Peacefully HomeGrown uses ABSOLUTELY NO chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers

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