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Red Peter Pepper - Organic Seeds

Red Peter pepper (Capsicum annuum) seeds.

The "Peter pepper" (sometimes referred to as the Penis Pepper) is an heirloom Chili pepper that is best known for its unusual shape.

It is a type of Capsicum annuum, though it is not officially recognized as a cultivar of the species. It occurs in red and yellow varieties.

The pepper is considered very rare, and its origin is unknown. Another name for Peter Pepper is "the Chili Willy peppers".

Uniquely shaped chilies won a few accords including the right to be called "The Most Pornographic Pepper" by Organic Gardening Magazine.

The pepper is most commonly grown in Eastern Texas and Louisiana, although it is grown in Mexico, as well. It was first popularized in the United States by Frank X. Tolbert in his Dallas Morning News column about obscure local history, although he only saw the pepper once in his life. It has since been studied by horticulture experts at the University of Texas at Austin and Louisiana State University. It is adaptable to a variety of growing conditions.

The seeds have also been exported to Asian countries, including South Korea. The pepper has often been noted for its phallic appearance when fully grown.

The pod of the pepper has also been noted for its pungency. As it has a very high Scoville rating, the pepper has been suggested for ornamental use rather than human consumption. It is sometimes pickled, as well.

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